Diverse Boards


Diversity on boards adds value

For any board or committee, diversity of representation, skills and background is critical to ensuring effective decision-making. A range of life experiences, technical knowledge and capabilities brings broader perspectives and insights, improving the performance and leadership of an organisation.

Diversity also ensures the Western Australian community's interests are reflected, and that the public sector sets a good example for the private sector.

Diversity considerations may include:

  • gender

  • nationalities and cultural backgrounds (including representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)

  • abilities and disabilities

  • sexual orientation

  • regions (including metropolitan, rural and remote areas)

  • education

  • age

  • religion.

Women at the board level

Women make up about half of the WA workforce and more than 70 per cent of the public sector yet are under-represented at the decision-making level. As of , approximately 48% of government board members are women. The Government is committed to continuously increasing the representation of women on government boards.

Ensuring gender diversity on boards leads to better informed decision-making, more effective governance, new ideas, opinions, solutions and stronger connections with the community, stakeholders and the workforce. There is also a strong business case that gender diversity on decision-making groups delivers real economic benefits.

There are many organisations that support gender diversity at the board level, but public sector board members may particularly benefit from the information and resources on the following websites:

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