Avivo: Live Life
Board Member

Role Description:

The purpose of the Board is to govern, steward and guide Avivo to fulfil its vision.
Each Board member brings unique strengths. Collectively the Board supports the continual development and performance of the organisation; guides and stewards a culture that supports our vision and values; and ensures the development and implementation of strategy and policies.
Demonstrated competencies (essential)
• Integrity - Fulfilling a Director’s duties and responsibilities, acting ethically, appropriate independence, putting the organisation''s interests before personal interests.
• Organisational Leadership and Development – Knowledge and interest in the development of contemporary and effective social purpose organisations.
• Collaborative, curious and courageous - Able to function as an effective team member, with the curiosity to ask questions and the courage to persist in robust discussion with management and fellow Board members where necessary.
• Emotional intelligence - As well as self-awareness and self-management, needs to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, must work well in a group, listen well, be tactful, and able to communicate a cogent and candid viewpoint.
• Strategic expertise - The ability to review strategy through constructive questioning and suggestion and contribute to the effective decision making of the Board.
• Commercial judgment and instinct - Demonstrate good business instinct and acumen and be able to assimilate and synthesise complex information.
• Aptitude - An active contributor with genuine passion for Avivo’s vision to support all people to live full and meaningful lives.
• Knowledge of a director''s responsibilities - Includes an understanding of the role as well as the legal, ethical, fiduciary, and financial responsibilities. Commitment to continuously improve governance knowledge and skills.

Demonstrated competencies (desirable)
• Industry knowledge - Experience in similar organisations or industries. Current interest and knowledge of state and national initiatives and reforms in disability, aged care, or mental health.
• Lived Experience - Lived experience of disability, mental illness or ageing and frailty either personally or as a carer or close family member.

How to Apply:

If you would like to receive the full PD for this role and more information to progress your application, please email bev.salant@avivo.org.au.